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Dr. Padder has been a well-sought speaker on a national and international level and has given hundreds of lectures related to mental health. He is very passionate about education and his unique style of teaching has been a total success. Please contact us regarding your need and interest.

Here are some of the topics for lectures:

Bipolar and related disorders

ADHD- Diagnosis and Treatment

MDD- Treatment and Diagnosis

Anxiety & related disorders

Prescription drug abuse

Psychiatric Emergencies

Schizophrenia and psychosis related topic

Treatment resistant depression/mood/psychotic disorders

Addiction related disorders

Must know DSM V changes

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Legal and ethical dilemmas in psychiatry

Personality Disorders

Suicide and violence related topic

Common psychotropic medications

Delirium & Dementia related topic

Child psycho-pharmacology

Any other psychiatric or addiction topic of interest

Pregnancy and psychotropic medications

Treatment of opioid dependence

Treatment of insomnia

ADHD- Diagnosis and Treatment