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This definitive clinician’s guide to psychiatric medications provides condensed, evidence-based recommendations for the treatment of psychiatric disorders- allowing you to spend less time researching and more time treating patients.

Practical Guide to Psychiatric Medications is a comprehensive and up-to date resource for all psychiatric medications related questions which makes it a must-have guide for every practicing medical and mental health professional.

Meticulously organized by disorder, it provides in-depth reviews and clinically relevant information on all psychiatric medications based on years of research and clinical evidence

By offering a concise and succinct analysis of the most important topics in psychiatry, this well-compiled guide aims to save clinicians’ precious time and attention so that it can be invested back to the patients at the point of care.




Addressing the most clinically-relevant psychiatric disorders and medications, the guide offers to-the-point overviews of the important issues encountered in day-to-day mental health practice.


The latest indications, dosing protocols, warnings, and medicine-specific facts are presented along with examination of important contemporary concerns in mental health such as suicide/violence, PTSD, future medications, and must-know DSM-5 changes


The guide is written in a straightforward manner to be intentionally comprehensible to all mental health professionals. From therapists to physicians, social workers to nurses, all professionals working in any capacity with patients taking psychiatric medications can benefit from use of this guide.

Complete with evidenced-based best practices:

The material in this guide was acquired over years of hands-on clinical experience, teaching, continuing education, and research and provides clinicians with the most important guidelines and information they need to provide the best possible care to their patients.


Designed to be the busy clinician’s on-hand resource, this portable, easy-to-use guide offers mental health professionals a valuable companion for instant and complete solutions.


No more scouring through numerous books, journals, or websites to find the most updated information for clinical practice—the guide contains the most relevant material all in one place and its easily-indexed format allows for quick retrieval.


  • Designed to be the busy clinician’s on-hand resource, the guide provides basic knowledge of psychiatry integrated with the most current and clinically-relevant information on psychiatric medications in a comprehensive, easily-indexed format.
  • There are 22 Chapters primarily organized by the most prevalent psychiatric disorders (e.g., depression, anxiety, bipolar, ADHD, psychosis, substance abuse, etc.) and the medications used to treat them.
  • Medications are presented by class in detailed profiles containing critical prescribing information such as indications, mechanism of action, pharmacokinetics, dosing protocols, warnings, interactions, common side effects, overdose symptoms, tapering recommendations, use in special populations, and more.
  • Supporting background, key facts, as well as treatment protocols on disorders are shared to provide an inclusive overview of diagnosis and management.
  • Other highly-relevant topics to clinical psychiatry have dedicated representation, including must-know DSM-5 changes, medication use in special situations (e.g., pregnancy/lactation, youth, elderly, HIV, renal/liver impairment), brain stimulation therapies, herbal supplements, and future medications.