About The Book

How much time do you spend researching psychiatric medications.

How often does a patient ask you a question about a medication to which you don’t know the answer?

Have you ever wished that you could find a single reference source for all psychiatric medications instead of sifting through bulky books and websites for quick answers?

Now, thanks to the complete and cutting-edge reference, Practical Guide to Psychiatric Medications, written by award-winning psychiatrist Tanveer A. Padder, MD, you can bring your valuable attention back to your patients. This comprehensive guide examines numerous psychiatric disorders including depression, anxiety, psychosis, bipolar disorder, ADHD, substance abuse, PTSD, and others and then provides detailed, evidence-based clinical accounts of effective drug therapies while covering everything from the dosing protocols and side effects to the drug-drug interactions and much more. In addition to discussing certain special populations such as children, the elderly, and pregnant women, this resource also includes must-know changes in DSM-5 and other currently relevant drug information like black box warnings.